Focus Your Attention More on Your Corporate Culture as Your Business Expands

Running a business with actual staying power is about more than offering great products and services. Your company’s corporate culture is a bigger part of your potential success or failure than you may think. Culture is often what makes the difference between inspired employees who are passionate about what they do and burnouts who probably hate coming to work every day. Keep your company’s working environment strong with the following principles.

Person-to-Person Connection

Personally fostering meaningful connections with each person who works for you is easy when a business is still growing and you have perhaps 20 employees total. However, that standard becomes harder to maintain as your company grows and takes on more team members. Help the personal connection aspect of your culture stay strong as you expand by sharing the responsibility with high-level management professionals that make the grade.

Core Values That Resonate

Standout mega-companies like Google, Apple, and Disney are as well known for their appealing corporate culture as they are for the stellar services they provide. They accomplish this by cultivating and nurturing core values everyone can relate to. Those values help keep everyone united as a team and personally connected to the company even when you’re talking about hundreds (or thousands) of employees.

Feedback and Dialogue

The best way to learn whether or not your culture-building strategy is working is to simply open ongoing dialogue with the people who work for you. What’s working, and what could use some improvement? Ask open-ended questions when evaluating how your employees feel about their working experience. It encourages people to speak their minds and offer up information you may not think to ask for specifically. You may also want to consider using interfaces like anonymous surveys to encourage absolute honesty.

Celebrated Achievements 

Every company has team members that consistently embody the corporate culture on a level that absolutely deserves to be acknowledged. Make sure you’re recognizing these people and letting them know they make a difference. How you do this is up to you. Some companies really do hold events or throw parties to honor team standout team members, but a personal and heartfelt expression of gratitude can work wonders as well. 

At the end of the day, a successful company is only as good as the people behind it. Keep your team happy, healthy, strong, and cohesive by making culture a top priority. You’ll love what it does for your future.

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